Indian food is famous for its spice, and it’s due to the chilli in the dish. An essential part of any Indian cuisine, the chilli powder adds a lovely red hue and sharp flavour to any recipe.


Black pepper, also known as ‘black gold’, is an excellent spice for stews, soups, snacks and thick gravies. It was once considered so valuable that ancient communities used it as currency.


Turmeric is essential to Indian cuisine. It’s also one of the healthiest spices in the world and known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


Coriander is a widely used ingredient in most south Indian preparations. The aroma of this essential spice is known to stimulate one’s appetite with its mild aroma.

Since 2004


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Kalans Food India is a proprietorship concern, founded in year 2004. 

Catering to almost all categories of food items ranging from beverages like ginger coffee, green tea to spices, pickles, fried food, virgin coconut oil, honey, ghee and more to come, Kalans Food India was well accepted by food loving customers.

Mr. K.P. Antony, proprietor, with his over four decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing, has always strived for building 'TQD' — Trust in Tradition, Assured Quality and Healthy Delicacies. It is no wonder, our food items have grown from Kerala to national and international markets within a very short span.

A team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals is making every effort to make our motto reach far and wide — "Goodness by Tradition and Quality".